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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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thank you very much. supervisor chu: thank you. >> my name is steven valentine. i have concerns about the recology project dumpsite. my family is in the downstream watershed area of the proposed dump site. we have a process, as many family farms to in that area. we are subject to any surface water contamination in any ground water contamination coming from upstream, which is where the dump site is. we are responsible to monitor our water quality, both ground and surface, at our own expense to mitigate any toxic contamination is. at our own expense. there is not currently any condition or assurance that the
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contract with yuba county to require them to mitigate any downstream contamination might impact our facility. we have some evidence of surface water contamination from the site. we cannot tolerate even 0% e. coli contamination. we are inspected annually by the fda. the potential contamination of those areas that are immediately downstream at a very high water table level could result in loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in agricultural production, which is one of the few bright spots in california. this is a serious problem. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, supervisor chu, supervisors. i am with the san francisco
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commission. my biggest concern is we went into a contractual situation with recology for all our children to go to work at their recycling plants that we were helping them to set up. i am sympathetic to all the police from yuba county and the people from yuba county. i believe that is the situation yuba county and recology can work out for themselves. my concern is to pass the budget and you need to go to the next step and work out the problems of this contract. i hope so much for the people who could not be here today, working at those recycling plants, the baking continue to work as recycling plants. and there would not be some big lay off because no one wanted to take action in this situation. like i said before, i am very sympathetic to the folks of yuba
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county and what they had to say to today. but we have a different scenario down here with our young people and how we need to put a lot of them to work because of our relationship with recology. and we ask that you pass this item. thank you so much. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is a laronda smith. i was born and raised in san francisco. i am here in support of recology. i think they have done a beautiful job by hiring people in the southeast section of san francisco, and i would like them to continue to do this. thank you so much for your time. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is pastor gary banks. i am the founder of family
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restoration house. i also sit on the project area committee. i am most definitely invested in the community. i just want you to take into consideration as we look at competitive bids, we do not want to create a scenario of competitive gambling with the lives of the citizens of the bayview. we have been working diligently as pertains to cleaning up the bayview and the shipyard, and we have invested many years in this project. i would hate to see us bring another company in because of competitive bidding and undermining the work. we can turn those lives around. we can now have a competitive
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wage and reinvest back into our city. i want you to please take into consideration. we have been dumped on for too long, and we do not want another dumpsite in our community. thank you some much for your consideration. supervisor chu: so. -- thank you. >> thank you, supervisors. i do church with pastor banks as an associate pastor. you know, every now and then, we did a situation where it seems like the city did said. usually when that happens, the first thing we start doing is trying to undo a. we have an organization that is $120 million cheaper than the
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nearest competitor. we have an organization that, when it comes to hiring, it is outstanding. i do not know another company in san francisco that has hired residents and people of color like recology has done. it is tremendous work. i have sat in on the meetings in the training sessions with the workers and how much support and help they give them once they hire them. let me tell you something, with all due respect for mr. rose to has done good work for the city, i know one thing. when you go on the cheap, the first folks that gets put out are the folks that need to work most seriously, and that is something the other folks have not addressed, who are interested in doing this kind of work, on how they are going to retain and employ people in the neighborhood, because that is not in their ball park. that is not their experience.
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that is not what they do. we need to use this as a model. speaking of models, this company is studied by other cities. the program that you and recology have put together is being studied internationally and it is being replicated all over the country and we are about to get rid of it. it does not make sense. thank you so much. supervisor chu: thank you. >> angelo king, a view hunters point environmental action committee. a couple of things really quickly. i want to do everything the reverend said. but also, he is absolutely right. our landfill diversionary rates are the most of the county and the nation. we did this hand-in-hand with recology.
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furthermore, they are the kind of operation that set up a recycling program, knowing full well that would cut down on the building for them, but because they knew that was the right thing, they put out their architects and engineers to facilitate that process so we can relieve some burden of that bill on the housing authority. this is the kind of company we are talking about. this is a company that reads with san francisco, even when we are giving tax breaks to other companies so they will develop roots here. they are always doing something philanthropic in the city. they are always out doing the community cleanups, district cleanups, things of that nature. this thing with the department of environment, and everybody who has been around knows we have some of the smartest people working there at the department of the environment, regardless of waste diversion,
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waste management, things in that realm. they have been a partner with us for some many years. i do not understand why we would even change it. as far as the city is concerned, we have a contract. they are making money of that contract. last but not least, when it comes to -- i done forgot it. there are so many things. i support recology. please move it forward. supervisor chu: thank you. >> thank you, supervisors. in a representative of the naacp. i am working with the education and youth community. we're supportive of recology on different matters. one in particular is the work force hiring efforts in bayview- hunters point. they have given many of the
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residents there opportunities to grow and prosper. they are also supportive in their education efforts. they are very proactive on environmental issues. they are very supportive of cultural activities. once again, the naacp is very supportive of recology so that they can continue to do the great work that they do here in san francisco with the local hiring and things of that nature. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> i appreciate your time, supervisors. i am speaking in support of the recology contract, and i am presenting letters from other business owners in the yuba center area who wished to support -- who wished to support but were not able to attend. i kept seeing things in the
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paper, but i have yet to run into anybody opposed to the landfill project. it was approved, by the way, by unanimous support of the board. is fully entitled. it is fully in compliance with the recent review. it is fully supported. but in any such project like this, there will always be groups. the project is already existing. it has been there for 20 years. the second group is a competitor that does not want to lose the business. however, the competitor was $100 million more expensive in their bid. they seem to be fading away. these are small, nearly-focus groups. i appreciate their efforts to address their concerns. there are two large groups in san francisco that will save
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$100 million and give us a much greener option, without question. been there are the citizens of cuba townie who will receive the benefit of substantial -- of yuba county who will proceed -- who will receive the benefit of substantial fees. [chime] have i reached my time? recology welcomes your business. yuba county welcomes your business, also. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. for the record, my name is linda magellan. i am here as a residence and consumer of recology services. there is much to recommend recology for the award of this contract. the list is long. you have heard some of them.
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the longstanding relationship with the city. that helped introduce the 3-bin concept, which has been very effective. it is an employee-owned business. this is a very green proposal. above all, as angela said earlier, they have demonstrated again and again their support for the community through philanthropic efforts. we're very proud to be partners in grime reduction with them. we hope you will move this forward with a recommendation to approve. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good afternoon, members of the committee. continuing this discussion is a very important item. i am opposed to the proposed
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relocation of the recology transfer station to austin road. my concern is that recology has not offered a blanket assurance against contamination of earth, water, and air. as you know, sewage sludge is a permissible alternative to land cover necessary for any landfill. recology intends to use this. as noted by the san francisco public utilities commission, sludge is safe for organisms, but requires a butperiod once exposed to air to not become harmful. my concern is the slide has the
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potential to contaminates -- the sludge has the potential to contaminate the granddaughter. -- groundwater. we may end up paying for unintended consequences. thank you. supervisor chu:. -- thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. we represent workers in town, including workers for recology in san francisco that have very, very good union jobs with health care and benefits. you can see some of them in the room here today. we are asking you to move forward with the recology contract for a variety of reasons. one reason is here in san francisco, we do things different quite often. it has been resulting in nothing but good things. good jobs, jobs for people in the communities, the best
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recycling rate of any place in the united states giving and finally, there's absolutely no reason to fix anything that is not broken. we are asking to move forward because it is a good relationship. it is good for san francisco. it is good for the workers. i would recommend we move forward. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> i am a publisher of an independent newspaper. we live in the valley. i would like to know it's that the facility is situated in an environmentally-secure area, not on march contiguous to agriculture. -- not a marsh contiguous to agriculture.
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it also has the support of residents at large. please vote against the recology agreement. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good afternoon, madam chair and committee members. i am recology an employee am for over 32 years. i am representing my fellow employee-owners, and as you well know, we do a very good job. we are taught one thing. do the job right. there is no other way to do it. finally, i would like to submit articles from two articles lauding our efforts. >> i have a few more cards.
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[reading names] if i have not called her name but he would like to speak on this item, please line up on the center aisle. >> we support the measure before you today, the action item to approve this landfill and facilitation agreement. we have a great history to working with an employee-owned local company, recology. you have a report from your department of the environment recommending to move forward with this agreement. you have a record showing it will save ratepayers and businesses tens of millions of dollars. is the right contract for the people of san francisco. it is recommended by your department and the chamber and the alliance urge you to move forward with approval today. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you.
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>> david farrell. i am a member of the central market district, and we are here in support of the recology proposal to de. -- today. it is environmentally appropriate. we have been very happy with the work here in san francisco and we want to support. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, committee members. my name is jim stevens. we have been around recology for many years. as a san francisco corporate citizen, they are one of the best in san francisco. as a son of san francisco, they are one of the best of san francisco. i cannot see why we should come back here on this issue that has
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been coming here for the last six months. everything says "recology." i implore you today to let it be recology. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i put myself in a green business suit. i think that this recology proposal hits both nails right on the head. first, the recology bid is $100 million less than the losing bid, and the whole thing about the trains. vitrines are great. -- the trains are great. the trains are four times more
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fuel-efficient than the trucks that currently take the garbage out. it will reduce fuel consumption by 10 billion gallons. and especially in -- you know, i now work at a company in oakland here, so i know from my co- workers and having to drive myself, there is a lot of pollution coming off the road. and the change from truck to train will play a significant role in reducing air pollution along interstates 80 and 580 in alameda county.
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this will reduce incidence of asthma and other respiratory problems. is a great step in the right direction, and i wholeheartedly support the proposal. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> hello, supervisors. this is the same proposal that has been before you for two months and has not gotten the support of the committee. is still proposes a landlocked facility in yuba city at the same time it pretends to consider a future site for barging. but you are not going to advance that cost in yuba city. yuba city supervisor was here saying this sets up a blank check situation for the city and its rate payers, and i would think the supervisors would want to explore his concerns.
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there is no slush fund for recology. one would think that the budget and finance committee would want to explore the slush fund. recommendations from an independent analyst and the budget analyst both recommend that the board consider competitive bidding and a contract. we do not even recology have a even. -- we do not even have a contract with recology. over the last 30 days, 12,000 san francisco voters have signed a petition to put competitive bidding on the future ballot. we have done it in the face of a very expensive, hundreds of thousands of dollars, advertising campaign and felony violations of state law, the california election code. we have a proposal expanding the current monopoly is in the face -- the current monopolies in the
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face of san francisco voters. i do not understand why we are considering it any further. thank you for your time. supervisor chu: thank you. >> i am diana fuller, and i have been a san francisco resident for many years. it is only recently i have become aware of what i think has been an incredible service to the city, and that is the service to the office by the employee-owned and operated recology. this is not my normal area of expertise or involvement, but when i see any city what has happened in the last two years of my specific interests, it is amazing. the consciousness towards the way we live, the possibilities that are explored by recology.
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the other thing that comes to mind is that people are not aware of the enormous processes that are dealt with, and the many services that are offered by recology make it clear to the population why this is involved. so, i think from my own observation and appreciation -- #one, -- number one, we create an enormous amount of waste individually, but what is done in this company to take care of this and explore other ways and means to better recycling, to better repurchasing, to better dealing with all these sorts of problems. i think they have done a fantastic job. i think the city is extremely lucky to have the. i do not know what we would do
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with anybody else, because nobody else seems to have the facilities, the laboratories, experimentation. i support their efforts. supervisor chu: thank you. next speaker? if there are any members of the public whose name i did not call like to speak on this topic, please line up in the center of. >> members of the board, members of the committee -- i am with the san francisco bay area real road. -- railroad. i was not going to dwell on the landfill contract, but i heard the supervisor from yuba county say very clearly the agreement was open-ended. right now, the basis of what you are looking at was on $4.40 per ton. i heard him say it could go up to $30, $40 per ton, depending on the board of supervisors' action sometime in the future.
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that equates to different numbers. that equates to about $150 million to $200 million over the course of tenures. you are opening up the san francisco checkbook two yuba county. that is the honest truth. you heard it from a fellow supervisor. let me dwell on the facilitation agreement that harvey rose says is not competitively bid. power company has moved 120 million tons of waste exclusively by rail. on the east coast, we move from boston and new york to south carolina and virginia. the move to hundred thousand tons a year between oregon and utah. it has been printed in the paper
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that san francisco a railroad would like to compete with recology. well, recology has not moved a ton. how is it that the department of environment can justify an exclusive contract facilitation agreement with recology? we would like the opportunity to bid, and we are asking you to give us that opportunity. supervisor chu: thank you. >> i was going to say good morning, but i guess it was a good afternoon and not try to take to much of your time. i believe this process has been fully vetted. we addressed the issues that were concerns on all the different areas to allow alternative methods of transportation, and for more than a year now, the budget and
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finance committee and others have looked at topics. its still comes back to one thing. waste management bid $46 a ton. we bid $23 a ton. that is not hard to understand. that equates with the savings over the term of the contract. just as important as being the lowest cost bidder, recology is also the most environmentally sensitive, superior auction, as substantiated by the department of the environment. our trucks will not be in traffic competing others. -- impeding others. for more than a year now, unsuccessful bidders have led the charge to delay and steady, delay and study.